Join Our Landis & Kadwell Network

Landis & Kadwell Hong Kong has just taken the role of network-firm-in-charge of Landis & Kadwell Group, which is originated from UK since 2005.  We are currently looks for network / working partners in the World in order for explanation of Landis & Kadwell network.  Landis & Kadwell is currently holding member firms in US, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macau, Hong Kong, etc.

We would like to see if your side is with possibility / interest in building up business relation with Landis & Kadwell e.g. functional support in partial of services, joining the Landis & Kadwell network, etc.  Please let us know and we are happy to discuss further.

Please complete the form below and contact our Network-Partner-In-Charge, Mr. K Kwan (

Member firm application