Tarun Jaggi & Associates formally joined Landis & Kadwell Network as "Landis & Kadwell India (New Delhi)"

Mar 01
We are pleased to announce that, effective from 1 March 2019, Tarun Jaggi & Associates has formally joined Landis & Kadwell Network as "Landis & Kadwell India (New Delhi)", which is also the 1st member firm in India for Landis & Kadwell Group.

TARUN JAGGI & ASSOCIATES, Chartered Accountants are in the business of Strategic Consulting with a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals having rich
experiences, proven capacity and an innate drive for superior performance.

The combined specialist expertise ensures that the clients receive complete consulting support requirements of highest possible standards.

Globalization, changing business priorities and access to real time information is fundamentally changing the way organization do the business. It helps clients meet the challenge of globally competitive business practices by providing strategic consulting in niche area.