Financial advisory services

Corporate Finance is an offshoot of Landis & Kadwell. It is complimentary to other business units—audit, taxation advice and business advisory service—as a suite of services to clients.

To an enterprise, sources of funding and financial management play a vital role in its growth and development. Here we play our part in four distinctive areas.

  • Debt financing including:
    Financing bundling: optimal combination of financing tools to lower interest expense and improve lending covenants
    Financing structuring: designing and executing multi-party transactions and complicated loan types, such as syndication loans and convertible bonds
  • Financial management advisory service including:
    Investment appraisals
    Sale-down of receivables
    Vendor programmes
    Financial due diligence
    Business valuation
    Ad-hoc consultancy works
  • Cross-border advisory service

If you would like further information, please contact:

Terry Chan

Audit Principal